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Monday, February 24, 2014

Ado.Net interview questions in Asp.Net

Here are some Ado.Net interview questions. Apart from this you can check out some Asp.Net interview questions.

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1- What is Ado.net?

2- What is the minimum class required to work Ado.Net in Asp.Net?

3- How to write connection string in Ado.Net Asp.Net?

4- What is the architecture of Ado.Net?

5- What is the difference between dataset and data reader in Asp.Net?

6- What is connected architecture and disconnected architecture in Ado.Net?

7- How to create data table at runtime in Ado.Net?

8- What is executescalar(), executereader() and executenonquery() in Asp.Net?

9- What is the work of data adapter in Ado.Net?

10- How to call a sql statement in Ado.Net?

11- How to call a stored procedure in Ado.Net?

12- What is dataview in Ado.Net?

13- What is the difference between DataSet.Clone() and DataSet.Copy() in Ado.Net?

14- What is connection pooling in Ado.Net? And what is the maximun pool size ?

15- How to connect to Oracle database in Ado.Net in Asp.Net?

16- What is a Gridview control in Ado.Net?

17- How to enable sorting and paging in Gridview in Ado.Net?

18- Which method of DataAdapter is used to fill DataSet in Ado.Net?

19- What is the work of command objects in Ado.Net?

20- What is Maximum Pool Size in ADO.NET Connection String?

21- How to add a new row in DataTable in Ado.Net?

22- How to filter a dataset in Ado.Net?

23- How to create a column in the DataTable?

24- Which method is used to commit all changes in the DataSet or DataTable in Ado.Net?

25- What is the difference between Typed and UnTyped DataSets?