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Monday, February 24, 2014

Ajax interview questions and answers

Here are some AJAX interview questions and answers. Also check some posts on:

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What is Ajax?

How do we use XMLHttpRequest object in JavaScript?

How to use AJAX in Asp.Net?

What is the work of Scriptmanager control in AJAX?

What is the use of update panel in Ajax?

What is the work of  triggers in UpdatePanel control?

How can you do validations in Ajax?

How do we do exception handling in Ajax?

What is Full form of JSON? And What exactly does this JSON do?

What are extener controls and how can we use extender controls in Asp.Net?

Can we put multiple scriptmanager control in a page?

Can we put multiple updatepanel control in a page?

How can we put ScriptManager control in master page?

What is the difference between synchronous postback and asynchronous postback?

What are the new features of ASP.NET AJAX 4.0?

What is the role of a ScriptManagerProxy?

Can we nest the UpdatePanel controls?

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