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Monday, February 24, 2014

Asp.Net interview questions

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1. What is State management?

2. What is WCF?

3. Difference between Arraylist n Hash Table?

4. Why we use Jquery?

5. What is Join and types of join?

6. Types of state management?

7. What is view state?

8. Difference between Data reader n Dataset?

9. Connected and dissconnected Architecture?

10. What is Executenonqury?

11. How we handle error?

12. What is Return type of Executenonquery?

13. jquery syntax?

14. What is .Net framework?

15. Difference between stored procedure and inline quries?

16. What is foreign key?

17. What is dataset?

18. How to manage session?

19. What is Garbage Collector?

20. What are Collection Classes in Dotnet?

21. What is Stackstrace?

22. How we debug our code?

23. What is finally block?

24. In which event controls are fully loaded?

25. What are page life cycle in asp.net?

26. What is abstaction?

27. What is overloading?

28. What is class?

29. What is object?

30. What is interface?

31. What is API?

32. What is difference between string and string builder?

33. What is sql injection?

34. What is difference between procedure and function?

35. What is lilmitation of arraylist?

36. How to access 1D array and multidimensional array?

37. What is difference between union and union all?

38. What is Ajax?

39. What is difference between javascript and jquery?

40. What are jquery selectors?

41. How to call abstract class methods?

42. How to fetch data from datatable store in string variable?