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Monday, February 24, 2014

Asp.Net MVC interview questions and answers

Here are some asp.net mvc interview questions and answers. Check asp.net state management interview questions and answers and Ado.Net interview questions in Asp.Net.

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1- What is MVC? Explain about Model View and Controller.

2- What are routing in MVC?

3- How to maintain session in MVC?

4- How to do validations in MVC?

5- What is razor in MVC?

6- How to implement Ajax in MVC?

7- What is the difference between "ActionResult" and "ViewResult"?

8- What is a Filter in MVC? And what are different types of Filters in MVC?

9- What are the advantages of using Asp.Net mvc over asp.net web forms?

10- Which namespace is used for ASP.NET MVC ?

11- Is it possible to share a view across multiple controllers ?

12- What is the use of a controller in an MVC application ?

13- Explain page life cycle of Asp.Net MVC.

14- What is the difference between "ActionResult" and "ViewResult" in MVC?

15- How to implement AJAX in MVC ?