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Monday, February 24, 2014

C#.Net WindowsForm interview questions and answers

Here check out some C#.Net WindowsForm interview questions and answers.
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1- How to show message box in C#.Net windows application?

2- What is the difference between Debug.Write and Trace.Write in C#.Net?

3- What is difference between Show() and ShowDialog() in windows application?

4- How do we use event handlers in threading in C#.Net?

5- What's the difference between a process and a thread?

6- What are asynchronous call backs in delegates?

7- What are Multi-cast delegates in C#.Net?

8- Difference between events and delegates in C#.Net?

9- What is difference between Dispose and finalize in C#.Net?

10- What is serialization in C#.Net?

11- What are CLS and CTS in C#.Net?

12- What is difference between  Shadowing and Overriding?

13- How can I run an EXE from one application?

14- What does it mean by docking of controls in C#.Net?

15- What base class do all Winforms inherit from?

16- What is the difference between out and ref in C#.Net?

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