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Monday, February 24, 2014

Honeywell testing interview questions

I have 4 years of experience in testing. I have given interview in Honeywell. In the interview process I have faced 3 rounds of interviews.

Technical 1(Telephonic):

1- Introduction
2- Project Details
3- What is a control system with any day to day example?
4- What is client server application & Web based application?
5- What are the techniques for Test Case design?
6- What is Boundary Value Analysis? Example
7- What is Test Plan?
8- What is a Traceability matrix? What for it is created? What all can you derive from the Traceability matrix as Tester?
9- What is wire shark? What is the purpose? How can you filter the data?
10- Test scenarios for an Interface between controller and UI?
11- What is virtualisation?
12- What is bug and defect with example?
13- How do you assign severity and priority?
14- What is Bug life cycle?
15- What do you do when you find a critical bug just before the release to a customer?
16- How do you say the Test Coverage is 100%?
17- What is firmware Testing and what all did you Test?

Technical 2:

18- There are set of 300 Test Cases. The Developer has introduced 4 new functionalities. You have to deliver by EOD.Now you have to run a test to make sure nothing has broken. What test are you going to run and what is your approach to make sure the S/W is robust?
19- Why do you want a review?
20- Traceability matrix analysis? As a Tester what all do you think should be a part of the document?
21-  What is Automation Testing? What are the advantages & disadvantages of Automation Testing? What Test Case do you automate?
22- What are the tools used for Testing?
23- How do you do Trouble shooting?
24- What is log analysis or how do you analyse a log?
25- What do you do when the developer rejects a bug raised by you but you keep finding it? What is your approach?
26- What all things you share in Dev Track(Bug Tracking tool) once you find a bug?
27- Suppose you have a piece of S/w working fine on Windows XP but it fails to run on Win7,or Vista? What is that you are going to do or your approach? What all you think might have gone wrong?
28- What is the Baseline you follow when you performed your product testing?
29- What is compatibility Testing?What all you do when you are asked to run a compatibility Test?

Managerial Round:

30- Introduction?
31- What are the functional and non-functional Test Cases/Test scenarios for www.irctc.co.in?
32-  Suppose you have a piece of S/w working fine on Windows XP but it fails to run on Win7,or Vista? What is that you are going to do or your approach? What all you think might have gone wrong?
33- What are your strength‘s and weakness?
34- Why do you like/dislike your Team Lead?
35- What is Load?
36- What is Load Testing and why do you need to run a Load Test?How different is it from Stress Testing?
37- You are given a piece of S/w which does not have a SRS.You are asked to Test the S/W and derive the Test Cases? What is your approach? Once Test cases are done what is that you are going to do?
38- What is installation testing? What all check lists comes under it?
39- An application is running fine for 2 months and suddenly it crashes? What is that you are going to do? What might be the issue? What all you are going to check?
40- What are the parameters you are going to consider when you are going to run a performance Test?
41- Task manager related questions for Memory usage and CPU utilisation?
42- What is memory leak?
43- How do you say your S/W performance is good? Whom are you going to ask regarding your app performance?
44- Web app architecture?
45- Load balancer concept? Algorithms implemented/you can implement?
46- Why do you think Google search is so fast?
47- Suppose you are coming up with you search engine.What are the things you are going to take care of ta make the search engine faster than Google?
48- What all things you take care of when you are going for virtualisation?
49- What all things can affect the performance of an application?
50- How do you say Testing is process oriented?