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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Important points to remember in C#.Net

-Some classes contains your C# executable program.

-The entry point to the program is the static method Main() with void return type.

-It is a case sensitive language.

-Whitespaces like enter,tab,space are ignored by the compiler.

-No need to save your program with same file name as of your class containing Main() method.

-There can be multiple Main() methods in your program.

-The boundaries of namespace,class and method are defined by opening and closing curly brackets {}.

-A namespace is only logical collection of classes.

-The using keyword is used to inform compiler where to search for the defination of classes that you are about to in your C# program.

-There are three types of compiler exists in C#, line ,block and documentation.

-Enclosing your class in some namespace is optional.You can write your program where your class is not enclosed by any name space.

-It is not mandatory that Main method of program takes 'string[] args' as parameter.