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Saturday, February 15, 2014

JavaScript runtime error: Automation server can't create object

In this post we will discuss how we can resolve "JavaScript runtime error: Automation server can't create object" which comes when we try to use ActiveXObject with JavaScript in Asp.Net.

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Recently I got this error while trying to use ActiveXObject through JavaScript.

I was trying to call like below:

<script type="text/jscript">
        function GetDongleDetails() {
            var x = new ActiveXObject('AxControls.HelloWorld');
            var count = x.GetText();


And I was getting the error in the below line:

 var x = new ActiveXObject('AxControls.HelloWorld');

I remembered I have reset my IE setting one day back.

We need to enable some security options in IE settings.

Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Then select Security tab and then Click on Custom Level button.

Here we need to enable the below options:
- Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins
-  Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting.

After this the error should not come.