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Sunday, February 16, 2014

NuGet tutorial in Asp.Net

In this post we will discuss about how to use NuGet in Asp.Net. Also you can check my previous articles on:

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NuGet is a package-management system for .NET and Visual Studio which helps to add, update, and remove external libraries and their dependencies in your application. Also it helps to create packages that you can share with others.

How to install NuGet?

If you have Asp.Net MVC or Visual Studio 2012 installed, then no need to install NuGet because it has been automatically installed.

But if you are using Visual Studio 2010, then follow below steps to install:

- Open Visual Studio 2010 -> then click on Tools -> Extension Manager as shown it the fig below:

This will open the "Extension Manager" window which will show all the lists installed packages by default. Then click on Online Gallery tab as shown in the fig below:

Then type NuGet in the search bar and click on Find. Once you find NuGet, then click on the Download button and then install it.

Or if you have NuGet already installed then click on the Updates to get the latest version.