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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Register and post articles, jobs or ask questions in aspdotnethelp.com

Dear all,
I am admin of AspDotNetHelp.com inviting you all to register with this web site and post articles, post jobs or you can also ask questions. This will be helpful to you as well as others will get benifited from it.

For the arttcles, you can post articles based on some asp.net, c#.net, sql server, MVC, ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, Ado.Net, Entity framework, Windows application, WCF, Web Service, Enterprise library, interview questions ,Testing, may be manual testing, automation testing, mobile testing etc.

It will be better the articles length is a bit lengthy (nearly 500 words), and if you want to post images then you can upload image to imgur.com (its free) and can give the URL in the post which is very easy to do.

For Jobs, you can post jobs related to .Net so that it will be helpful to others who are trying for a job or who are trying to change the job. Job location can be any where, whether it is a job based on India or abroad or also various locations in India.

You can you the forums section to post if you have any doubts in .Net technologies or any technologies mentioned above. You can ask new questions as well as you can also answers to questions asked by various other .net professionals.

If you are not comfortable in posting directly in the web site or if you face any problem while posting, you can directly email to me in my email id fewlines4biju@gmail.com with the contents as well as if you have any image attached, I will post on behalf of you.

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Thank you all !!!