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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Advantages of WCF in Asp.Net

In this article we will discuss about what are the advantages of WCF. You can also check my previous articles on MVC Framework VS Classic ASP.NET, Implement SQL Server authentication in asp.net and Difference between Abstract Class and Interface in C#.Net
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Here are some advantages of WCF in C#.Net:

-It supports HTTP, TCP, Named pipes, MSMQ,P2P bindings.

-It can be hosted in IIS, windows activation service, Self-hosting, Windows service.

-It’s made of a lot of different components, so you can create new components for security, transport, authentication.

-In WCF, there is no need to make much change in code for implementing the security model and changing the binding. Small changes in the configuration will make your requirements.

-Its faster than ASMX

-Supports Scaling/Load Balancing

-WCF has integrated logging mechanism, changing the configuration file settings will provide this functionality. In other technology developer has to write the code.

-It’s Interoperability, for java, and more.

-WCF is interoperable with other services when compared to .Net Remoting, where the client and service have to be .Net

-WCF services provide better reliability and security in compared to ASMX web services.