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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Automated Performance Testing and its Parameters

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Automated Performance Testing is a discipline that leverages products,people,and processes to reduce the risks of application,upgrade,or patch deployment.

As its core,automated performance testing is about applying production workloads to pre-deployment systems while simultaneously measuring system performance and end user experience.

Parameters to be considered in Performance Testing:
Below are the parameters considered during Performance testing:
- Response Time (Resp Time)
- Execution Time(Exec Time)
- Throughput
- Server Resource Utilization
- Network Performance

Response Time:
The time taken from request to the time when we get the first bit of response.

Execution Time:
The time from the request to the time when complete response is received.

Through Put:
Amount of work done/sec i.e. data processed per second or no of requests addressed per second.

Server Resource Utilization:
How the memory and processor resources are used.

Network Performance:
The delays in the network are monitored.

Factors affecting Performance of the application:
Performance of any application will be influenced by below factors:
- Multi User (Concurrent Users..working at the same time)
- Data Volume (Number of records in DB)
- Functionality/Complexity of Activity