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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Components of .Net Framework

In this post we will discuss about the components of .net framework.

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.NET Framework is composed of various things like:

The .NET languages:
There are various languages supported by .Net framework like vb.net, c#.net, F#, J# etc. Apart from this also there are some 3rd party languages supported by .Net framework.

Common Language Runtime (CLR):
CLR executes all .NET programs and provides automatic services for these applications, such as
security checking, memory management, and optimization.

The .NET Framework class library:
Microsoft provides thousand of classes and namespaces to work with .net. These classes contains some prebuilt functionality which you can use while development. Like to work with database Microsoft provides some classes known as Ado.Net classes.

Asp.Net helps us to create web applications using .Net framework.

Visual Studio:
This is a tool which is very much helpful in quick development. This inclues the complete .net