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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cost Of Defect Repair in Testing

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Cost Of Defect Repair:
During software projects, you can hear widely different attitudes towards fixing defects,depending upon priorities and motivations:

"We will fix that when we have time. In the mean time,just keep developing!How can you possibly tell how much it will cost to fix later:" - An engineer manager, eager  to continue software development.

"Let's find all the defects before system test.The customer will wait for the product."-An Engineering manager, concerned that shipping a product with defects would prevent customers from buying the product.

The choice to fix or not depends upon many factors:the type of product;the risks associated with shipping known or unknown defects; your development processes; and the cost of fixing the defect.

The easiest time to calculate this cost is during the system test time, when people are 100% dedicated to finding defects.To begin, count the number of fixes made.You know how many people were involved, the cost per person-day, and the duration of system test.The total can be surprisingly high,which is why the fix value is so important.

 Average cost to fix a defect=((Number of people * Number of days)/(Number  of fixed defects))*cost per person day