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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Defect Management and Testing Management by using Quality Center(QC)

In this post we will discuss about  defect management and test management using QC . Also you can check out my previous posts on:

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Defect Management and Testing Management by using Quality Center(QC):

Quality Center is a web based system for software quality testing across wide range of IT and application environments.It is designed to optimize and automate key quality activities, including requirements, test and defects management,functional testing and business process testing.It includes industry leading products such as Mercury Test director, QTP, Win Runner, and the new Mercury Business Process testing.

Four Primary functions of Quality Center:
  1. Capturing Business requirements.
  2. Building test cases and test plans.
  3. Creating test sets and test results in Test Lab.
  4. Tracking and managing defects.

1. Capturing Business requirements:
     - Group requirements by business function.
     - Link requirements to test cases and defects.
     - Import/Export facility from/to MS Word and/or MS Excel.
     - View defects associated with a requirement.

2. Building test cases and test plans:
     - Define test parameters (Add/Delete/Modify test steps to confirm with business rules.)
     - Validate test coverage for all requirements.
     - Record expected and actual results fo each test step.
     - Provide a centralized repository that can store all automated tests.
     - Integrate with Win Runner/QTP for automated testing.

3. Creating test sets and test results in Test Lab:
     - Group test scripts to achieve testing goals (module functionality).
     - Schedule tests.
     - Record Pass/fail results for each test step.

4. Tracking and managing defects:
     - Add and Track defects.
     - Follow up with the defect management life cycle.
     - Links with Email systems for defect notification.
     - Save graphs in MS Word or MS Excel.
     - Generate reports as MS Word documents.