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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Different Asp.Net files types

In this article we will discuss about various file types in Asp.Net.

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Below are various file types in Asp.Net:

- .aspx files:
These are ASP.NET web pages. They contain the user interface or code. User can directly browse these type of files.

- .ascx files:
These are ASP.NET user controls. You can check this article for more information on user controls.

- web.config files:
This is the configuration file for your ASP.NET application. It includes settings for database connection string, customizing security, state management, memory management etc.

- global.asax files:
This is the global application file. You can use this file to define global variables which can be accessed from any web page in the web application and react to global events like application_start, application_end etc.

.cs files:
These are code-behind files that contain C# code. They allow you to separate the application logic from the user interface of a web page.

Apart from .aspx files, user can not able to browse other files directly.

Apart from these files Asp.Net also contains other files like .css files for designing the web site, .js files (JavaScript and jQuery files), image files etc.