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Saturday, March 1, 2014

global.asax file in Asp.Net

In this post we will discuss about what is the use of global.asax file in Asp.net.

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- global.asax file is responsible for writing code for global events. These events fire at various points during the lifetime of a web application, including when the application domain is first created.

- There can be only one global.asax file in a Asp.Net application. You can add it through visual studio, Right click on the web site -> Add New Item and then select Global Application Class file type.

- It can’t contain any HTML or ASP.NET tags, it contains event handlers that respond to application events.

- Some of the global events are:
Application_Start(): Occurs when the application starts, which is the first time it receives a request from any user.

Application_End(): Occurs when the application is shutting down, generally because the web server is being restarted.

Application_BeginRequest(): Occurs with each request the application receives, just before the page code is executed.

Application_EndRequest(): Occurs with each request the application receives, just after the page code is executed.

Session_Start(): Occurs whenever a new user request is received and a session is started.

Session_End(): Occurs when a session times out or is programmatically ended.

Application_Error(): Occurs in response to an unhandled error.

<%@ Application Language = "C#" %>
<script language = "c#" runat = "server">
protected void Application_EndRequest(object sender, EventArgs e)
 //You can write code here.