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Saturday, March 1, 2014

List of Asp.Net web folders

In this post we will discuss about what are the web folders present in a Asp.Net web application.

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Asp.Net maintains special folders for special purposes. Some of then are given below:
This folder contains source code files that are dynamically compiled for use in your application.  Any class file you want to put, you should put it here.

Contains .browser files that ASP.NET uses to identify the browsers that are using your application and determine their capabilities.

This folder stores global resources that are accessible to every page in the web application. This folder mostly used in multilingual purposes.

This foler contains resources that are accessible to a specific page.

This folder contains web service references. When you will an Add webreference then this folder will automatically get created and the references stores here.

This folder usually contains SQL Server Express database files.

This folder stores the themes that are used to standardize and reuse formatting in your web application.

This folder contains all the compiled .NET components (DLLs) that the ASP.NET web application uses. If you add reference then the dll will store here.