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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Query String in Asp.Net

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Like view state and cross page posting, query string is also a state management technique. This helps us to send data from one page to other page.

Here the data will be send through the browser URL.

Below is a way to send the data to a different page.


Similarly below is a ways, we can retrieve the query string data:
string articleID = Request.QueryString["ArticleID"];

We can also send multiple parameters by using query string like below:


Query string is very much lightweight, so there will be very less burden on the server. But there are few limitations in this also:

Limitations of Query String:
- Information is limited to simple strings, which must contain URL-legal characters, since its passed through browser url.

- Information is clearly visible to the user and to anyone can trap the values.

- The user also can modify the value and can send the new values to the server.

- Most of the browser has limitation on the length of the url (1 KB to 2KB), so we can not send large amount of data.