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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Selenium interview questions and answers

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1. What are the set of tools available in Selenium?
Selenium has four tools - Selenium IDE,Selenium RC,selenium Grid,Selenium Web Driver.

2. What is Selenium 1.0 and its advanges over Selenium IDE?
  i. Selenium 1.0 or Selenium RC(Selenium Remote Control)is a library which is supporting many languages.
  ii. Selenium IDE is incapable of executing tests in browser other than Mozilla Firefox.
  iii. And also the programmatical limitations of language Selenese used in Selenium IDE.

3. What is Selenium 2.0?
  i. Selenium 2. is the latest offering of Selenium.It is known as Web Driver.
  ii. It provides API's better than Selenium 1.0
  iii. It supports more UI operations.
  iv. It is not suffering from Java Script security restrictions which is available in Selenium 1.0.

4. What are the element locators available in Selenium to locate elements on the web page?
  The element locators are:-
    i. Html id
    ii. Html name
    iii. XPath locator
    iv. Css Locator

5. What are the verification points available with Selenium?
  Three types of verification points are available in selenium:
    i. Check for page Title
    ii. Check for Certain text
    iii. Check for certain element(Table, dropdown text box etc)

6. What is XPath?
 XPath is a way to navigate in XML document.It is also used to identify elements in a web page.

7. What is the difference between type and typeKeys commands?
type commands simulates enter operations at one go while type Keys simulates Keystroke key by key.typekeys could be used when typing data in textbox which bring options because sch opertions are not usually simulated using type command.