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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tutorial on Testing Measurement and Metrics

Here is a tutorial on Testing Measurement and Metrics. Also you can check out:

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1. Quality Assesment Measurement:
These measurements are used by Project manager during testing to access quality of SUT.
i. Defect Arrival Rate
ii. Sufficiency(Review of remaining testing time sufficiency for remaining testing)
iii. Defect Priority System
       a. Important to Customers
       b. Organisation Trends

2. Test Management Measurements:
These measurements used by test lead to estimate the effort of testers during testing.
i. Test Status:
      a. No of testcases executed.
      b. No of testcases in execution.
      c. No of testcases yet to execute.

ii. Pending defects(Quality Gap)
      a. No of testcases detected-No of defects fixed.

iii. Tester Efficiency:
      a. No of testcases executed per day.
      b. No of defects detected per day.
      c. No of testcases prepared per day.

3. Tester Capability improvement measurements:
These measurements used by test enginees to improve their testing skills
a. Defect Removal efficiency(DRE)=A/A+B
Here A=No of deffects detected by tester during testing.
B=No of defects faced by Customers

4. Test Effectiveness:
a. No. of test cases prepared per day in previous projects and no. of test cases prepared per day for recent projects.

 b.No. of test cases executed per day in previous project and no. of test cases executed per day in recent project.