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Saturday, March 1, 2014

What are different types of results in MVC?

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There are so many types of results in MVC. These are given below:

1. ViewResult->Renders a specified View to the response stream.

2. PartialViewResult->Renders a specified partial view to the response stream.

3. EmptyResult->An empty response is returned.

4. RedirectResult->Performs an HTTP redirection to a specified URL.

5. RedirectToRouteResult->Performs an HTTP redirection to a URL that is determined by the routing engine based on given route data.

6. JSONResult->Serialises a given Viewdata object to JSON format.

7. JavaScriptResult->Returns a piece of Javascript code that can be executed on the client.

8. ContentResult->Writes Content to the response stream without requiring a view.The content result lets you define whatever content you wish to return.

9. FileContentResult->Returns a file from a bytearray to the client.

10. FileStreamResult->Returns a file from a stream to the client.

11. FilePathResult->Returns a file from the server's physical location to the client.