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Saturday, March 15, 2014

What is Automation Testing?

In this post we will discuss about what is an automation testing, Advantages of automation testing and what are the Criteria of Automation testing?

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1. Any task if performed with the help of tool or software programs is called Automation.

2. To automate one application we can use Tool + Programming Language.

3. Now a days many tools are used for automation:Ex-QTP,Selenium,WinRunner,Silk Test,RFT.....etc.

Advantages of Automation:
1. Test execution can be completed faster.

2. Testing will be consistent and effectiveness.

3. Reusabilty of automated scripts.

4. Easy of Reporting.

5. Cost of Testing will be less.

Criteria of Automation:
1. Tool support of our project.

2. Multiple releases are expected.

3. Manual will take more time.

4. Application is stable.

5. Client approval based on Project.